What to know about the new US defense logistics agency

Posted October 06, 2018 08:59:22 The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) is a Defense Department organization that oversees logistics operations and other logistics support to support US military operations.Under its leadership, the agency administers the Army Corps of Engineers, Army Corps (ARC), Army National Guard, and other civilian-led organizations.DLA’s mission statement states that it is to […]

Indian Space Research Organisation launches probe to probe ‘satellite earth’

Indian Space Agency (ISRO) has launched the first ever satellite earth-based weather probe to study satellite earth and the atmosphere.The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) successfully launched the PSLV-C27 on Saturday.The satellite earth probe is equipped with a ground-based radar, infrared cameras and an imaging camera.It is a polar polar satellite which will provide a […]

Which state should you buy gas from?

Greenbush, Westchester and Long Island are big gas-producing states, but their gas prices have been in the dumps since last year.Gas prices in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut are currently at or near the lowest levels in years, as gas prices and inventories of natural gas have been squeezed by a record-breaking winter.In […]

Why you should never have to be in medical school

The medical school curriculum is often the most difficult thing I’ve ever been to.If you want to know what it is like to go through it, this is the best guide you can get.There are two main areas of focus: the curriculum and the medical school.The curriculum is mostly about the curriculum itself, and the […]

How to use a crane globally

Crane International, a major logistics and transportation firm, is now looking to hire thousands of people to work in the United States and Europe.Crane’s global logistics and supply chain manager, John Hutton, said he’s “looking for people who can work from the U.S. to Europe in a team.”The job postings on Crane’s website are listed […]

A few new ways to save money on groceries

More and more Canadians are cutting back on the amount of food they buy, as prices have skyrocketed.But are you going to be surprised when they discover the biggest culprits of the trend are the ingredients they have already purchased?Article Continued Below”People are saving money because they are not buying ingredients, but buying the same […]


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