Why it’s a bad idea to hire a lobbyist

A number of high-profile corporate executives have recently been forced to leave their corporate jobs to lobby for a handful of companies, including BP, Caterpillar, Lockheed Martin, ExxonMobil and Procter & Gamble.A report released Wednesday by the Center for Responsive Politics found that the number of CEOs leaving their corporate roles has tripled in the […]

Timelines for the world’s logistics industry

Roles in logistics are growing rapidly and demand for logistics workers is growing fast.The United States is the largest consumer of logistics workers.In 2019, it spent $8.5 billion on logistics services.China is the second largest consumer.In 2020, China is forecast to spend $8 billion on its logistics sector, according to the World Economic Forum.The US […]

How to use a map to find your way around the UK

The UK’s map of military installations is filled with landmarks, but it’s also filled with secrets.Here are the key locations and things to know to find out where your military’s base is.Read more 1 of 11 Military bases around the world The US Marine Corps bases in the Gulf of Mexico.The US Army’s bases in […]

House votes to fund capstone logistics for Amazon

The House voted Thursday to fund Amazon’s capstone operations in the United States, a move that would be the first major step toward a full-fledged merger with the e-commerce giant.The bill passed by a vote of 221-197, a vote that was largely along party lines, with Republicans holding a slim majority.Amazon had threatened to file […]

What’s next for Delta and other airlines?

The Transportation Security Administration says it will soon begin to allow passengers to board flights by fingerprinting their boarding passes.The agency says it plans to begin accepting biometric-based boarding passes this year for passengers traveling on Delta, American, United and Spirit flights.The move comes as airlines continue to grapple with a growing number of people […]

Indian Space Research Organisation launches probe to probe ‘satellite earth’

Indian Space Agency (ISRO) has launched the first ever satellite earth-based weather probe to study satellite earth and the atmosphere.The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) successfully launched the PSLV-C27 on Saturday.The satellite earth probe is equipped with a ground-based radar, infrared cameras and an imaging camera.It is a polar polar satellite which will provide a […]


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