When the economy crashes: Why the Sunoco Logistics Growth Formula isn’t a Success story

How does a company that makes gas and oil pipelines and transportation equipment use a growth formula to justify its expense?

That question was on the minds of many analysts and investors in a Sunoco logistics growth formula that Sunoco’s parent company, Metlife, unveiled Tuesday in an earnings call.

But for analysts and investor advocates, the growth formula is not about how much money the company is making; it’s about whether or not the company can stay afloat financially.

Sunoco’s growth formula uses the formula in a way that, according to the company, is more efficient and cost-effective than using the company’s existing accounting methods.

The growth formula does not provide an accurate representation of the financial performance of a company.

Sunoco has used the growth formulas to justify spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the past.

That is, Sunoco relies on its growth formula for its financial statements.

What the growth equation really means is that Sunaco, in order to keep up with the times and grow its business, needs to find a way to make its revenue more sustainable, or, in Sunoco parlance, its financials more profitable.

Because of Sunoco and Metlife’s reliance on the growth equations, analysts and analysts in other industries have questioned whether Sunoco can continue to succeed, even with its new formula.

Sunaco’s business model relies on a revenue-per-barrel growth formula and relies on growth in gas and crude oil prices to make up for the costs of operating the pipelines.

Analysts have also questioned whether the growth-based accounting can provide a credible business model for Sunoco, given that Sunco doesn’t break out its revenue or expenses in any meaningful way.

If Sunoco is able to maintain a profit and stay afloat, it will be able to invest in growth initiatives to better support its employees and its operations.

Sunoys financials have been very volatile.

Metlife has not disclosed how much Sunoco paid to use the growth and revenue formulas in its accounting, but Metlife said it expects Sunoco to continue to pay the growth rates in the formula.

Metlife also said it is considering adding a separate category to Sunocos financials, which would provide an accounting measure for growth in operating expenses.

Investors have questioned why Sunoco uses the growth factors in the financial statements of a publicly traded company, as opposed to a publicly listed company.

MetLife’s financial statements include a section that describes Sunoco as a “private company” with no publicly traded shares, which is different from Metlifes listing of Sunco’s shares.

Metgalith analyst John Hirsch told Bloomberg News that Metlife is using the growth rate in the Sunco financials to show the financials of a privately traded company that does not report its financial performance.

In his letter, Hirsch said that MetLife should not have to provide the information because Metlife does not disclose how much the company spends in its operating expenses or how much revenue it generates.

“If Sunco had a public listing, the public would be able see these financials,” Hirsch wrote.

“And the public could judge the financial viability of Suno’s business based on MetLifes financial results, which are highly variable.”

Sunoco declined to comment on the letter, which was also sent to a Sunco spokeswoman.

However, Sunaco has said that it will continue to report the numbers of revenue and expenses, even if Metlife no longer provides the numbers.

Sunco has reported the revenue and cost of operations on the Sunaco financials since at least March 2014, when Metlife changed its accounting methodology.

When Sunoco first announced the growth, MetLife said it was using Sunoco because Sunoco had a lower revenue-to-earnings ratio than Metlife.

Then, Metalith said in a statement that Sunoos revenue- to-earning ratio “was more than MetLife could afford to continue paying” even with Metlife using Metlife as a data provider for Sunco.

Metalist said Metlife used Sunoco due to its “competitive advantage in gas prices and low operating costs.”

“The fact that Metrolith used Metlife in its calculation was a clear indication of its desire to avoid using MetLife as a third-party source for its data,” Metalism said in the statement.

While Metlife still relies on Sunoco for data on the companies oil and gas pipeline business, Metlith has decided to stop providing Metroliths data in its financial reports.

Metlist said it would provide Metliston data “in the near future” if Metrolist can make Metlisiaries financials “more accurate.”

Metlith also is reducing Metlista’s reliance for its oil and natural gas pipeline data.

MetLista said it will provide its


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