Why do I hate my capstone project?

article In the case of this capstone, the project’s leader, Alex McDaniel, was inspired to get his engineering degree after seeing a video of a man building a new house.

“It just struck me that I needed to be in a situation where I could really get my hands dirty,” he says.

He quickly realised he was going to be able to do this.

“I had this idea that if I could make my engineering degree in a capstone course, that would give me the freedom to go and do something that I thought would really excite me and help me get a job.

I could then go to university and do what I wanted to do.”

McDaniel is now the director of engineering at Capstone, a logistics company in Melbourne, and in 2015 he and his co-workers were awarded the prestigious National Engineering Award for their work on a new capstone-built warehouse in Australia.

“We were given this award for this project and it was quite an eye-opener to me,” he explains.

“The whole point of the capstone was to give people the chance to really take a project to the next level.”

To put it simply, it’s an ambitious project.

“There are over 20,000 buildings built in Australia,” McDaniel says.

“This was going in the direction that we wanted to go.”

And, he says, it took them a lot of trial and error.

“You can’t just build anything you want, but you can actually make something that people really love to live in,” he continues.

“And I think that’s why it’s such a great example of how to make a living.”

A few of the things they did included designing and building a house with two bedrooms and a bath, a home gym with a swimming pool, and a gym with an elliptical machine.

“In this particular case, the machine has a water feature, so it’s a little bit of an indoor swimming pool,” McDaniels says.

It also includes a fitness room with a sauna and a saunas.

They also designed a gym for people who want to use their bikes as a means of transport, as well as a kitchen, dining room and living room.

“All these little bits of space, we wanted a space where people could just come and get a meal,” he adds.

They added an outdoor terrace and added a rooftop deck to the roof, which allows for a wider range of viewing angles and a view of the city.

They even built a mini-golf course, complete with a wooden and glass basket and green deck, for use by the team.

“A lot of people have seen it in a couple of different places and said, ‘Oh, I’d love to do it’,” McDaniel admits.

“But there’s a lot that we couldn’t do because of the nature of the structure, and the size of the house.”

To learn more about how to design and build a capstan, visit the Capstone website.

The team is now working on another capstone in the same location, which they hope to build in the next year.

For more about the Capstones, check out their website.

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