Which companies are in your top 10?

TOP 10:10 – AIG – Total $29,838,000AIG – $29.8 million(The biggest loss for AIG, and the only one to hit the $100 billion mark in the last 12 months).

BofA Merrill Lynch – $25,000,000The firm that once ran a huge, multibillion-dollar financial meltdown for its clients is the biggest loser of the year.

Bofa Merrill Lynch has been hurt badly by the financial crisis, and its stock has lost more than $100 million this year alone.

It has lost about $1.5 billion so far this year.AIG, the second largest U.S. bank, has lost $10 billion in the past year alone, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

(Bofas loss was $20 billion.)

The firms biggest losses have come from Fannie Mae, which has been forced to seek relief from the federal government after failing to keep up with soaring home prices.

Bank of America, which also has been struggling with the crisis, has had to cut back on mortgage servicing.

Goldman Sachs, which lost $5.6 billion, is still struggling to recover from the recession.

Its losses have been staggering, but it has also gotten off to a strong start.

Citi – $7.3 billionCiti has suffered losses of more than a billion dollars since it was founded in 2005, according the Federal Reserve.

That is the largest single loss for the financial institution.

Its stock fell more than 20% in 2017.

It has seen its stock price fall more than 10% since its founding.

The losses come as the U.K. is in the midst of a national debate over whether to leave the European Union.

The vote is expected to be held in the coming weeks, and there have been calls for the country to quit the bloc.

The U.N. has said it is willing to consider the possibility of Britain leaving the bloc if it receives assurances from the EU that its economy will be able to weather the consequences of Brexit.

Citigroup has been hit by a spate of high-profile losses.

Its stock price fell more then 30% in December, its worst year-on-year drop since the financial crash of 2008.

Its share price was $719 billion.

It lost more then $3 billion in 2017 alone.


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