Amazon unveils drone-equipped truck that will deliver goods via drone

By KENNETH DALYMANUS and JOSEPH A. STANLEYNENAPALISAPALI, AP USA TODAYA truck packed with goods has landed in the United States.

A drone-delivery drone with the capability to deliver goods in under two minutes was used to deliver a shipment of goods from the website to a warehouse in northern Michigan.

The drone’s flight plan includes a destination in a remote area of North Dakota and a delivery point at a warehouse next to the company’s headquarters in Seattle.

The company has said it hopes to start delivering goods by 2021.

The delivery of the Amazon package began on Sunday, when a drone carrying the shipment landed in Michigan.

It is not known how many packages will be delivered.

The Amazon.

“Drones are coming,” company founder Jeff Bezos said at the start of the drone’s delivery.

“We are on the right track.”

The drone, named “Blowfish,” is designed to deliver packages in under 30 minutes by connecting to a mobile data connection.

It has been fitted with cameras, GPS, a satellite radio and an onboard computer to monitor its surroundings and to take control of the operation.

Amazon says it has delivered more than 7 million packages to customers worldwide.

The company has built drone delivery vehicles that have delivered packages to the U.S. in the past, including a cargo drone from 2014 that took off in Boston.

The Amazon drone is different in that it can carry more cargo.

It can deliver packages at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

The robot is also capable of delivering packages on its own, using batteries to recharge its solar panels and fly for a distance of up at least 150 feet.

The drone can also carry cargo, including groceries and electronics.

Amazon has launched a website that allows customers to track deliveries and other information.

The unmanned truck, which has the ability to carry up to six people, will be able to deliver more than 10,000 packages in a day, Bezos said.

It will be operated remotely, and it will be up to the customer to pay the fees associated with the delivery.

“We are the first in the world to deliver parcels using drones,” Amazon spokesman Scott Deere said in an email.

“It’s going to be exciting to see what the technology of the future brings to this.”

Aerial view of the Blowfish drone.

Amazon is hoping that the drone, which costs about $50,000, will make deliveries in a much more convenient way.

The BlowFish will deliver packages using a small camera that will snap photos and video of the delivery route.

Then it will connect to the drone and deliver the packages.

Amazon said that the Bl, or Blower, will deliver parcels in less than a minute and deliver packages on a daily basis, although the delivery time will vary based on location and the weather.

Amazon’s drone-powered delivery drones have already been used to help customers in China, Hong Kong and Malaysia deliver packages.

The drones can fly over cities and provide high-definition imagery of buildings and the surrounding environment, making it easier for delivery drivers to get the package in and out of a building.


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