Why the GOP’s $3.2 Trillion Infrastructure Challenge Will Fail

The Republican Party’s $2.9 trillion infrastructure plan is a giant pipe dream.

It would be good for only a few wealthy donors, and would likely never get off the ground.

In the last decade, Republican lawmakers and consultants have made enormous money off the idea that this could be a huge success story.

But as they continue to pursue this ambitious plan, they are facing a growing backlash.

Republicans’ infrastructure strategy is doomed to fail, according to a new study from a Republican think tank.

The report, entitled “Why Infrastructure Projects are Failures: A Critical Evaluation of the GOP Plan for Infrastructure,” found that Republicans’ plan would cost the economy an average of $2,959 in lost productivity.

The study found that this would cause the U.S. economy to shrink by an average 3.1 percent during the next decade.

“The infrastructure plan for 2016 is a colossal failure,” the report’s author, Richard Fink, wrote.

“This is a failure that should be condemned by the American people, and we must never allow the GOP to repeat its mistake.”

But what is the real cost of this project?

The report notes that the plan would require $2 trillion in additional spending and that this “is far from a realistic plan.”

The report also found that the U of C’s Center for Cities and Infrastructure is skeptical of this plan, as it found that it would “spend far less than it costs” on its initial capital investment.

And the report notes “that the infrastructure plan does not include any meaningful funding for the project.”

And while the plan does include an “incentive” to expand transit, it does not specifically mention such a move.

In other words, it seems the plan is to build a highway across the border and then expand it further, with the goal of eventually expanding to all of the country.

And this is exactly what is happening.

According to the report, the UofC’s analysis found that “a new federal-state joint-venture partnership will cost the country $1.6 trillion.”

So while Republicans are spending billions of dollars on this plan without actually solving the problem, they’re not spending the money to fix the problem.

Instead, they’ve spent billions of those billions on the next big project.

The result?

The U of S report found that, “The new infrastructure plan would create no new jobs in 2027.

This is not a reasonable and sustainable plan.”

So the GOP infrastructure plan could create a lot of jobs in the U., but the U is not going to create enough jobs to offset the loss of billions of additional tax dollars to pay for it.

The only solution is to expand existing transportation infrastructure to the American population.

The new study also found this is not the case.

It found that there are no significant increases in the number of people using public transit or walking to work in the next 10 years.

In fact, the number for car trips to work rose from 12.4 million in 2021 to 15.9 million in 2022, a decline of 11 percent.

That’s because, according the study, “there is no clear path to create sufficient new transit infrastructure, even under current assumptions.”

So what’s stopping the GOP from building all of this infrastructure?

It seems there is one issue.

There is a large amount of money that needs to be spent on it, but it’s not going into infrastructure projects.

Instead of spending the $2 billion in tax dollars on infrastructure, Republicans are focusing on a tax cut for the wealthy, and they’re also trying to get rid of the Affordable Care Act.

That is the major issue that keeps Republican politicians and consultants in the dark about the costs of their plans.

And there is no evidence that the GOP plan is sustainable.

“I think the plan they are proposing to fund the infrastructure is unsustainable,” Fink said.

“There are a lot more opportunities to invest in infrastructure than they are thinking about spending the tax dollars for it.”

But he also said that he’s skeptical that the party can find a way to fund all of these new projects, because it will just increase the deficit.

And as Fink points out, there is little evidence that new infrastructure will be built in the coming decades.

The GOP plan doesn’t have a revenue stream.

The cost of infrastructure doesn’t necessarily include the cost of a road or bridge.

And because infrastructure is a major source of new jobs, there should be a way for Congress to make up the shortfall.

But it’s unlikely that the Republican plan will ever get through Congress, so it’s impossible to say how long the GOP will be able to delay its own infrastructure plan.

Fink is also skeptical that Republicans can actually create jobs in their infrastructure plan, saying, “They’re taking trillions from the American taxpayer and then giving them to the private sector.

And when you give a tax break to the rich, you get a tax incentive for companies


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