When India’s drug industry faces the biggest challenges

India is facing the biggest challenge of its history.

The country’s drug and pharmaceutical industry is facing huge challenges.

The world’s largest drug and medical equipment manufacturer, India’s largest generic drugmaker, and the world’s biggest manufacturer of generic medicines have been hit by a slew of government crackdowns, which has forced them to shift their business model away from the old drug and medicine industries and towards the new ones.

But it has not completely stopped them.

The companies are still trying to get by, even after the government’s crackdowns on the old ones have taken place.

With India’s economy struggling, there are signs that some of the old companies are trying to re-emerge as new ones are set up to meet the needs of the economy.

The government has announced several measures to improve the lives of the millions of people in the country.

But the new drug companies are not in a position to meet all of the demands, said Manu Singh, president of the National Centre for the Recovery of Drugs.

The new companies have no money, they have no infrastructure, and there are no doctors willing to take their patients, Singh said.

It’s a tough time for them, and that is why they have been pushing for a new model.

In the past few years, the industry has faced a series of challenges, including the collapse of the country’s first drug company, and an increase in the amount of deaths from illegal drug use, said Pankaj Sinha, the managing director of Global Drug Services, an organisation that has been helping to run the companies.

Drug manufacturing, the manufacturing of drugs, is one of the biggest jobs in the world, and you need to keep manufacturing drugs as the biggest industry, he said.

“And it is not that they don’t have a huge amount of money.

They do.

But they are still working in a small area and they have not built the infrastructure or the technology that would allow them to move into a larger area, which is what is needed,” Sinha said.

The current model is not working for India’s new companies, he added.

In its latest annual report, the government said that the new drugs companies were “in a position of considerable difficulty” and “unable to respond quickly and effectively to emerging challenges in the pharmaceutical sector”.

In December, it said that its drug policies had “taken the country back to the days of the early 1980s”.

This is the same period when the country was recovering from the AIDS pandemic, when India was at its lowest point in the development of medicines.

India is one the top three countries worldwide in the global number of deaths caused by drug use.

In India, it accounts for nearly 60 per cent of the global total, according to a report by the World Health Organization.

More than 2.3 million people died in 2016.

In 2016, India was ranked the eighth worst in the WHO’s drug death index, according the World Drug Report 2016.

The drug companies have faced a number of challenges.

In 2012, the country began selling generic drugs for $8.50 per gram, but in 2015, the price for these generic drugs went up to $8,000.

In January, the Government of India started charging $1.40 per pill, an increase of over $400.

Many of the new companies started out as generic medicines and in many cases, they had to move to cheaper prices to make ends meet.

They needed to sell their drugs in bulk, or buy the drugs from wholesalers and pharmacies, said Ravi Sharma, a senior analyst with the Institute of Public Policy Research, an independent research institute.

The industry is still trying its best to make up for the losses and still make a profit, Sharma said.

But this is going to take time.

Many drug companies, including Tata Pharmaceuticals, India Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and Bharat Pharmaceuticals, are still struggling to make money, despite the huge number of drugs they sell. “

The whole industry will have a lot to live off of in the future, and this is the kind of thing we will have seen in the past,” Sharma added.

Many drug companies, including Tata Pharmaceuticals, India Pharmaceuticals Ltd, and Bharat Pharmaceuticals, are still struggling to make money, despite the huge number of drugs they sell.

“There is a big market for generic drugs.

But there is no competition in the industry right now, said Nandini Shah, the vice-president of Tata Pharmaceutical, a pharmaceutical company that sells over 30 generic medicines.

There is no room in the market, there is only so much money to be made,” Shah said.

Many companies are struggling to pay back loans and other debts, as well as maintain operations.

According to a recent report by McKinsey, the Indian drug industry is projected to lose $7.4 billion by 2020.

The report said the industry is in need of a cash infusion of up to Rs 3,400 crore annually.


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