Why is Macy’s not doing the best job of tracking its own customer orders?

I recently saw an article about how Macy’s is failing to track how many customers have actually ordered merchandise.

They’re not tracking which orders are made by which customer, which customer orders, and so on.

This is a major problem for Macy’s, since it’s a retail business.

But it’s even more of a problem for customers who don’t have any other option for tracking their purchases, and who also don’t need to.

The problem isn’t just limited to the store.

It’s an issue across many different retailers, and it’s been a major reason why people have been leaving Macy’s stores in droves. 

Macy’s has long struggled with how to track orders in its stores, and this isn’t the first time it’s done this.

When the company acquired the Sears brand in 2013, it didn’t track how customers made their purchases.

Instead, it relied on a company called Logistics Tracking Solutions (which is no longer a part of Macy’s), which is a service that has been around for over 10 years.

Logistics tracked the sales of the Sears stores, so the company had a fairly good idea of the number of people who were making purchases at the stores, what types of items were being purchased, and what types were being taken away from the stores.

Logistics Tracking Solution tracked a huge amount of data about the entire company, but only the orders it was supposed to track.

That was a big problem because the company didn’t have access to customers’ credit card information, and Logistics Tracker didn’t know what the other companies customers were buying, which meant it could easily miss out on orders.

So Macy’s didn’t make the right move by not having access to Logistics tracking information, as this would have allowed the company to identify when customers were ordering items that it didn´t want them to buy.

The company was able to catch these people, but there were some serious privacy issues that had to be solved, which was why the company pulled the plug on Logistics in 2016.

The problem with Logistics is that, like all of the other big retailers, it doesn’t keep track of customers’ shopping histories.

Macy’s doesn’t know who the customers are, or even if they’re still using the store at all.

It has no way of knowing whether a customer is buying things from a third-party, or just taking them out of the store altogether.

That means that if someone leaves the store and logs back in later, it can miss out of orders that were made before they left.

The Logistics team said that it was going to fix this by offering a new product that would allow the company more control over tracking orders, but instead they’ve instead made the same mistake as Macy’s.

The company now says that it will not offer a new version of Logistics until 2019, but it’s also not making that promise clear.

Instead, Macy’s says it will continue to track the orders for the time being, but they’re also going to have to make the change to a new service.

The new service will let customers know if they need to log in to verify their purchases at Macy’s again, and that’s going to mean that Macy’s isn’t going to be able to track customers at all until 2019.

It also means that Macy´s customers who didn’t order from the store before the change is going to lose a huge chunk of their orders.

Macy´s also going a step further and will no longer provide a new tracking tool.

It is still possible for customers to use a new Tracking Portal that will let them verify their orders from the new platform.

But as it stands now, it won’t let you know if you need to do this again until 2019 at the earliest.

This isn’t great news for Macy´, since its customers are going to need to take a step back and reassess their shopping habits.


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