Which logistics provider do you use?

Logistics specialists are among the lowest paid employees in many organisations and have been under pressure to provide the best service.

But the issue is not just one of compensation but also about the cost of living, according to a survey by Logistics Industry Analysts.

“It’s a very challenging issue to answer and it’s not just a cost of doing business issue, it’s also a human issue because it’s difficult for a person to have a career if they don’t have a job,” said Mark Bostock, who heads the consultancy, based in the UK.

He added that “logistics consultants can often have to provide a lot of information and data which can be very complex and can be difficult to understand for people without the skills.”‘

A nightmare’For many logistics experts, this is why they are opting for more flexible work options such as remote work, while still earning a salary.

But the problem is compounded by the fact that there is a shortage of supply chains, especially in logistics, according Bostocks study.

“The logistics industry has always been a nightmare.

If you look at supply chains today, it is a very fragmented industry,” he said.”

In the past, logistics could be built in a way that would enable you to have multiple supply chains and it worked well for logistics, but we have now become a globalised business and that means it is now possible to build multiple supply chain.”

While there is much discussion about the future of logistics, a new study by the UK-based logistics consultancy Millhouse finds that there are signs of improvement in the industry.

It found that the average salary of a logistics specialist was £25,000 per year in 2020.

However, the survey found that “significantly lower” salaries were reported by the more than 50,000 logistics consultants in the survey.

While it is likely that there will be significant changes in the logistics sector in the future, Bostons findings suggest that this will be a difficult transition.

“There is a lot that needs to be done and I believe it is the case that the challenges in the market have changed,” he explained.

“This is a difficult market to operate in.

People have changed jobs, they have moved, and this is a change that needs time to adjust to.”

What we need is a solution that allows people to get on and keep doing their jobs and to be able to be productive and earn money.

“I am not sure we have that solution right now, but I think the industry is moving towards it.”

A study by Millhouse found that in 2016, the average number of hours per week an employee worked was 40, compared to 38 in 2020, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Millhouse’s survey also found that of those who had a full-time job, 52% of the employees were women and 43% were people with disabilities.

Bostocks survey also suggested that more people were looking for full- time work and were seeking to take on more flexible working arrangements, particularly in the retail and hospitality industries.

“A lot of people are not taking the time to learn the skills that are required,” he added.

Millhouses survey also showed that the proportion of people who had completed an apprenticeship or completed a 12-month training course had decreased over the past 12 months.

While the survey showed that there was a decrease in people who were employed full- or part-time, there was also a decrease across the board in people with a degree.

“When you have a more skilled workforce, people with the skills to do the jobs they want to do, you have fewer people going out and finding that employment,” said Bostokes.

“As you get more skilled, people will be able more easily find work.”

The report suggested that there could be further improvements in the workforce in the next two to three years as more people with relevant training and qualifications are able to find full- and part- time jobs.

“If we are to keep up with the changing demands of the world, it will take us a long time to make the kind of change that we need to make,” Bostayss said.

More stories from Al Jazeera:  http://www.aljazeera.com/news/uk/2017/03/business-industry-compensation-2016-0723181865862.html


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