How to Buy a New Ship for a Port in a Month

In January, the Port of San Diego announced it would be launching a new fleet of new shipping containers for use by the U.S. military.

The announcement sparked a rush of activity across the port, where the logistics group contracted with various companies to assemble the containers.

The ships will be able to carry a wide variety of goods, including construction materials and military equipment.

But what does the military do with the containers?

The military will have to use them to haul items around the world, including supplies, vehicles, and troops.

And, crucially, the containers will be free to be used by the public.

To that end, the port has hired an international law firm to conduct a feasibility study on the new containers.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, the study is examining whether the container fleet could be converted to an “interim use” category for public use, meaning that it could be used to transport goods from one port to another without a permit.

The port also has to make sure the containers are secure, secure in their design, and safe.

The container program is expected to cost about $30 million, which means the port is likely to be spending about $150 million of the $200 million it is asking for.

That’s a good chunk of change for a port that already needs to fund $2 billion in capital projects this year, and it’s an opportunity to keep shipping containers in a containerized state for a long time.

For now, however, the new container program has created a lot of controversy.

It’s unclear whether the government is trying to keep up with a rapidly changing world, or if the new program is simply an example of what the military could do with its new capabilities.

Some have argued that it’s too little too late for the new ships, and that the new technology is too slow to be of any use in the battlefield.


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