How to start your career in logistics with Lipsey?

Anuj Bhattacharya, a senior logistics manager at Lipsey, has written an eBook on the subject and is also in the process of launching an app that can help you get started in the industry.

In her eBook, Lipsey’s VP of Global logistics, Anuj, outlines some of the ways logistics jobs can improve your chances of success.

In a nutshell, you can become a logistics manager and earn as much as $250,000.

She suggests starting your career as a senior employee with a few years of experience.

“There are plenty of opportunities out there.

In order to be a good logistics manager, you need to be willing to learn new skills, and to be flexible in how you work,” she writes.

“You also need to have the ability to adapt to change and to grow your skills.”

For more on this, read Anuj’s eBook.

The eBook is being released on the company’s website, which is available for free download and can be downloaded here .

You can also watch an episode of her podcast here .

For those who want to get a head start on starting their career in the logistics space, Lipseys VP of logistics, Ana Murgio, has offered up some advice on getting started in logistics.

“The first thing is to learn as much about logistics as possible.

This is why I have created this ebook,” Ana says.

“My goal is to give you some tips to help you learn how to work with your team and find the best work.

I also want you to think about the company you want to work for.

Are you interested in the customer experience, in the delivery process, in supply chain management?

Then, you are ready to start working in logistics.”

If you are interested in joining the logistics field, you should read this article for more information.

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